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<div class="song-section">Intro:</div>
| G | D |D7| G |

<div class="song-section">Chorus:</div>
G                          D
Mal hina naganna susudu adare
Am      D        D7         G
Lan una wasantha kaale jeewaye //
Adare eeeee

<div class="song-section">Intro:</div>
| G  | -  |Em | G  |
| C  | -  | G | -  |
| D  | D7 | G | -  |

<div class="song-section">Verse 1:</div>
G              D       D7            G
Gayana gayana geethaye wayana wayana thalaye //
G            Em              D7           G
Mahada obata madhura kathaki mihiri amara jeewethe

<div class="song-section">Verse 2:</div>
G             D       D7           G
Balana balana belmeni nagana nagana kelmeni
G             Em           D7             G
Mahada wimana obata pawana karami anduru jeewethe
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