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Heena Atharin Ma Ennam

<div class="song-section">Intro:</div>
[| Bm | - | G | - |
 | A  | - | G | A |
 | Bm |]

<div class="song-section">Verse 1:</div>
Bm        G    A          F#    G    Bm
Mage jeewithe obai, sitha pa..rami purai
          G     A       F#
Oba himiwana thura hindimi
Bm        A  G       D
Oya sinahawen  didulana
  A            Bm      A   G    D
Ruwa dakinnam, e sinahawen ra diwa
Ma senasennam

<div class="song-section">Chorus:</div>
Bm         G   D    A
Heena atharin, ma ennam
Bm     A         G        A
Semada ma e heenaye rendennam
 Bm      G      D    A
Obe thurule, rendi innam
Bm           A        G     F#
Haadu wessak wee wetennam...
    G     Bm
Oba ma we nam

<div class="song-section">Verse 2:</div>
Bm         A        Em   A
Ma langata wee hindiwi...
Bm      A      G  F# G Bm
E sihinaye rendewi.......
          A   G      D
Oya sinahawen   rendewi
   F#     G
Ma senasennam
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