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Wedana Denne Na

<div class="song-section">Intro:</div>
E  D  A  E

<div class="song-section">Chorus:</div>
E   D  A     E            D   A      E
Wedana denne Na, oba hara maa yanne na
E   D  A        E
Paluwe Oba randawa //

<div class="song-section">Inter:</div>
|D   |-  |E  |-  |
|D   |-  |E  |-  |
|D   |A  |E  |-  |
|D   |A  |E  |-  |

<div class="song-section">Verse 1:</div>
E       D                    E
Suwisal sagare wage, Nikalal adare
E        D                  E
Kulundul e obe sene, Noidul se hage
E         D          A          E
Mata mulu jeevithe pura, Suwanda gene //

<div class="song-section">Verse 2:</div>
E        D                     E
Lathawul na mage lowe, Hasaral yaa wune
E        D                     E
Sihilal wuu suwe gene, Manalol adare
E         D          A           E
Mata mulu jeevithe pura, Sathuta rande //
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