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Sanda Sanda Wage

<div class="song-section">Intro:</div> / <div class="song-section">Inter:</div>
Dm | F | C |A7
Dm | F | C |A7
E  | Bb| E |Dm
Gm | C | A |Dm

<div class="song-section">Chorus:</div>
Dm    C       Dm
Sanda sanda wage
Dm    C       Dm
Tharu tharu wage
    F     G
Mal mal wage
Api api wage

<div class="song-section">Verse 1:</div>
Dm    C          Am
Obama nowena thuru
C    Dm  C         Am
Mama oba nowana thuru
Oba obama dei
   F      G
Oba obama dei mama
Mama mama dei
Karaoke Section
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